The paleo framework aims to only include foods that were likely available to our hunter-gatherer ancestors, prior to the advent of agriculture and farming. Foods emphasized are minimally processed and cold-pressed oils, fresh nuts and seeds, almost any part of humanely fed, raised or wild game, meats and fish (including eggs, skin and organs!), starchy tubers, any vegetables or fruit, honey and maple syrup. Most of the recipes on Essential Omnivore fall into a paleo framework, and if not, then they’re a bit expanded and “primal”, instead!

The main principle behind a paleo style of eating is to reduce overall difficulty for digestion, naturally balance blood sugar levels, increase micronutrient intake and decrease systemic inflammation. All through the foods we choose to eat–pretty powerful stuff, huh?

Featured Podcast

Digestion & Deload

Hannah and Lucia predigest (oh yeah) some more of our favorite subjects–digestion and deload! Follow along as Lucia lays out what and how the digestive system works (guess what, it’s bigger than you might imagine!) and provides tons of ideas to help get your tract on track. Hannah emphasizes the huge importance of deloading as a complement to overloading (last week’s subject) and how you really can’t have one without the other.