The autoimmune protocol (otherwise known as AIP) is an elimination-diet style of eating that emphasizes removing foods that can provoke symptoms of autoimmune conditions. It’s based upon the classic Paleo diet, with additional real foods removed (such as nuts, seeds, cocoa, eggs, nightshade vegetables, alcohol, gums and thickeners, stevia, erythritol and other food additives and binders.

The AIP protocol currently is based upon anecdotal evidence–it’s been developed by people who are looking to recover their wellness–and this is a wonderful thing! However, since there are only starting to be clinical trials using this style of eating to support the healing and health of people who have autoimmune conditions, it can be seen as quite the alternative diet.

My personal view with AIP is that it is a short-term (at most up to 1 year) style of eating that provides the platform of knowledge for people to know exactly how different foods (and not just processed foods) make them feel. This is a huge benefit to anyone, even someone without a diagnosed autoimmune condition. However, like any restrictive diet, especially one that restricts natural and whole foods, over time my main concern for the AIP style of eating is that it does not support abundance thinking, and that there can be instances where too much restriction can lead people to feeling like they are “stuck” eating 10-20 foods, maximum–which to me transforms that AIP protocol into a poor management system, instead of the healing diet it can be. Like any style of eating–use it as a tool to help you grow, learn and create less stress in your life! If it turns into a large stressor… then there likely needs to be a reconsideration about its utility with your lifestyle. Seek support from a qualified practitioner to help support any loss of oral tolerance (you can use my contact form if you’d like a referral).

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