Hi, I’m Lucia Hawley, and I’m so glad you’re here.

My passion is nutritional education and individual empowerment through this education and the use of dietary nutritional shifts. It’s all about being happy. Eating “right” to me means eating in such a way that allows better overall body functionality. It means allowing your exquisitely smart and capable body the chance to take care of itself, which in turn gives you the freedom to more easily be happy and resilient. Slowing down and listening to your body is scary, real, fruitful, difficult, inspiring, connecting and worth it. I am a certified nutritional therapy practitioner with a master’s degree in social work and take clients through my practice at Solcana Wellness.

I believe many problems (psychological or physiological) can be relieved or lessened through changing what we feed ourselves and adhering to sensible lifestyles (kindness towards others, self-acceptance, stress reduction and adequate sleep).

The recipes I share on this blog focus around whole, natural foods. The foods I have found detrimental to my well-being include refined and processed sugars, unfermented soy products, homogenized and pasteurized dairy products, all vegetable and seed oils (except traditionally cold-pressed oils like olive and coconut) gluten containing grains and refined table salt. Everything else? I EAT! Oh, except shellfish… though I wish I could.

I also hope to stress this point as well: different people tolerate some foods better than others–this includes foods that are healthful. Maybe you’re someone who feels great after a large glass of raw milk, or maybe you need a two-hour nap (that’s me!) I can’t eat many nuts without feeling sick, but maybe you can eat more. It all depends on our genetic individuality, the strength of our digestive track, how much help we get from our gut bacterial load (you could try fermented foods and quality starches to bring in more good bacteria) and the fact that we’re humans.

My philosophy is this. If you want to eat something, please, go ahead. There is no need to feel guilty eating any foods, and that guilt/shame/anger/obsession/fear can be more physically harmful than the food itself. What is really necessary is adequate nutritional education and access to real foods, as well as the subsequent ability to make well-informed decisions regarding personal health. Know what a doughnut from the gas station does to your blood sugar, intestines and emotional well-being, then decide guilt-free if you would like to eat it. Revel in your decision and don’t let anyone tell you to do otherwise!

We need more nutritional education that is scientifically accurate and physiologically, economically, environmentally, emotionally and culturally responsible. Take the time to listen to your body and see what it says.

Interested in nutritional coaching?

I am a certified nutritional therapy practitioner with a master’s degree in social work. Drop me a line using the form below and let’s see if what I offer is the best fit to help you start feeling great. If not, I have a whole arsenal of great, like-minded nutritional therapy practitioners and other wellness professionals I can refer you to so you get the care you need.

Let’s get as many people to feel like their essential selves, shall we?

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