Hi! I’m Lucia Hawley, and I’m so glad you’re here. Like, really glad you’re here! We’re gonna have fun, I swear. I’m a certified nutritional therapy practitioner who has very social work-y core values and a desire to help people take the fear out of food, one bite at a time. In addition to making the kitchen a less scary place to be, the essence of the recipes created here are foods that support happy, calm and less anxious moods.

What's Your Story

Since I was little, I’ve always loved food. A whole lot! Trouble is, throughout my life, foods haven’t quite loved me back the way I wished they would. From constipation to eczema (oh yeah, we go there), as I grew up I started to realize that what I was dealing with just wasn’t normal. However, any time I’d get up the gall to go to a doctor for relief, I’d time and time again would walk away from their offices with nothing more than either a prescription (that didn’t work or made my symptoms worse) or a pat on the back while they shrugged and smiled. It became clear over the years that no one would care about my health and wellness the way I could.

And this is a very empowering concept! Once I made the realization that it was on me to help myself, it allowed me the mental ability to dive into researching the why behind my unhappy body. What was going on? Doctors weren’t too useful for my chronic and diverse signs of a stressed body. So I had to get useful. I became my number one resource to figure out why I wasn’t feeling well. And now, I want to share what I’ve learned. Because the most staggering part of all is this is that the deepest healing I’ve encountered, the healing that I so hoped the doctor’s could provide, comes back to food choices, stress management, and simple strategies to encourage how my body interacts with those foods most of the time. And if I can help anyone dissolve their body’s discomforts and help them tune in to what their body is telling them–then my mission is complete. And this is where the Essential Omnivore comes in!

What exactly have you dealt with?

Sometimes I feel like I’ve experienced it all (but not to worry, I know I sure haven’t!) I’m someone that enjoys lists, as it helps me know where others are coming from, so here’s part of mine:

  • Chronic Pain
  • Clinical Depression as a side effect of hormonal birth control
  • Gut Pain & Bloating
  • Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis
  • Hidradenitis Suppurativa & Eczema
  • Joint Pain & Arthritis
  • Migraines & Tension Headaches
  • Panic & Anxiety Attacks
  • PMS / Heavy Periods
  • Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)
  • Weight Gain (I’m a deep believer in health at any size, and for me, this weight gain did not feel healthy as it coincided with many of the above symptoms)

I share the above in order to reach those who may be experiencing one or more of those uncomfortable afflictions because GUESS WHAT! (what, Lucia?) They have all been very positively impacted or eliminated by changing my nutritional strategies to emphasize foods that are rich in easily assimilated nutrients, low in hard-to-digest or burdensome ingredients–and by learning the knowledge of why foods work in certain ways in our bodies.

This blog is my love letter to these richly supportive and delicious foods. Knowing that others are curious about how to support their own health and wellness, and their readiness to tune into their own bodies and really hear what those bodies are saying–now that’s what this blog is all about!

Do you subscribe to a certain way of eating? What types of recipes will I find here?

The closest keywords the recipes you’ll find on here align with would be “paleo” or “primal” styles of eating. This blog is 100% gluten-free, and mostly grain-free. The Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD), Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) and Ketogenic (keto) styles of eating also often are seen around here, too. Part of my philosophy is that our bodies are unique, and what may work for someone may not work quite as well for someone else. And that’s totally cool! In addition, our bodies are constantly shifting over time. What may have worked for you in the past now feels a bit funky, and vice-versa. Being the incredibly magnificent healing creatures that we are, I think paring down with simple and healing foods is an incredible first step towards reclaiming your health. After we’ve got that baseline going? Aha! Now we have a great time to think about how we can be abundant in our food choices.

But I want to know more about YOU, Lucia!

Aha, you caught me! It’s like you know already how an introvert prefers to talk about everything else except herself… well, here are five facts about me that aren’t nutrition or wellness related!

  • The bolder the color, the more I’m a fan. Deep cobalts, mustard yellows, vibrant royal purple… if I could live in a sea of color, I would. My living room is painted a deep blue and it’s the coziest space I get to hang out in.
  • My dog Hazel(nut) is my little ray of sunshine. She’s a rescue and she has a history I may not know completely, but I feel lucky to have her, and the sentiment continues to grow. She has doggy ADHD and falls in love with every human she’s ever met. She’s mostly my opposite and it’s messy perfection. She also sheds WAY more than would appear.
  • I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It’s the land of Bob Dylan, piles of blankets during long winters, and some of the thickest blooded people I’ve ever met. You know it’s a tough crowd when you see neighbors walking their dogs at 5 AM in the dark, cold and icy winter mornings. It’s also one of the most lush places I’ve had the pleasure of living in–perfect for an abundance of produce during those other, not-so wintery months!
  • I’m six feet tall and yep, the weather up here is splendid! Also, it’s the same weather you have, so… now we all know. I’ve always loved my height, but I haven’t always loved taking up the space that comes with that territory. Now? Bring it, world! Airplane seats may not be my favorite but I’ll never need a stool to fully use those tall old cabinets in my kitchen.
  • I come from a family of really, really, really funny people. I like to try to keep up.

Work With Me

Private Nutrition Consults: If you’re feeling like you’re ready for some extra support from a wellness and nutrition perspective, please use the contact form and tell me what’s up. I am taking a limited number of new clients who are looking to work on feeling less anxious around food (and in general), more balanced, as well as looking for some soothing support from a gut wellness standpoint. After reviewing your case, if I don’t feel that our focus together is going to be 100% best for you, don’t fret–you won’t be left hanging! I know a solid group of diverse health practitioners who work remotely with clients and I bet we can find someone to support you on your health quest. See? It’s like a game! Fun. Just kidding. I know this is serious stuff!

Wellness-related Recipe Development: This is my bread and butter (conversational tone and pun intended), and with my knowledge of different dietary strategies and protocols, I create recipes that showcase certain styles of eating with a basis in keeping the recipes simple, elegant, delicious and healing. Contact me using the contact form and we can further discuss what you’re looking for.

Brand Affiliation or Ambassadorship: Many aspects of recipe development in the wellness sphere include the ability to  highlight certain ingredients and not only how they can support one’s health, but why that is. I’m always open to learning about your product and if it fits my core values, highlighting its use via blog or guest posts. Please complete the contact form so we can speak further and see if this is a best fit for both parties.

Private Events, Retreats and Guest Speaking: Looking to continue to spread the word about wellness and taking the fear out of food? No way, me too! Contact me via the contact form below and let’s chat about what I can do to help support the ideas you have in mind.


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