Medicinal Vinegar


Back to school, back to cooler weather, back to… colds. Luckily, I haven’t had to deal with the onslaught of nose-turned-faucet for months–which is why I am such a baby about this most recent cold. But really, who needs to be reminded of what it’s like to have aching teeth, simultaneous hot face and cold extremities all the while pathetically kicking it, quarantined in a sea of tissues? Yeah, no thanks–I’d rather be bounding around in the crisp fall air, chomping on apples and teaching the pooch how to not run into people (to the lady in the dog park–I hope your kneecap is… not black and blue). I continue to try to ward off and exterminate whatever bug I have, which I assume is the same one that’s going around all of the metro area. So it’s kombucha, chomping down pickled carrots and doing shots of its liquid (believe me, it’s quite enjoyable), spoonfuls of the master tonic, and now thyme vinegar, promoted for its antiviral and antimicrobial properties. Join me, won’t you? We can round out the day by chewing raw garlic until we’re cross-eyed.

Medicinal Vinegar
1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
1 heaping tablespoon fresh thyme or dried thyme, chopped or whole

Combine vinegar and thyme and store in a cupboard for two to three weeks, shaking every few days. It is best to use a glass jar with a plastic lid (or use plastic wrap between the vinegar and a metal lid) because when you shake the vinegar it will splash onto the metal and create a reaction you just don’t want. Store in the fridge for up to six months.

Take a few teaspoons at a time–either plain, mixed in water, or mixed in water with equal or lesser amounts of raw honey. Take up to three times per day. Do not let vinegar sit around in your mouth–it is acid, and will erode your tooth enamel after time. Just drink water after your dose, and your chompers will be fine.


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great get system ready for the fall winter yuckies

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