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Cream Soda



Well, kombucha flavored as cream soda. Maybe old roommates wouldn’t have named the forever fermenting jars in the cupboards “kombucha monsters” if I had developed this delight back then! While part of kombucha’s charm is its vinegar twang, this rendition almost keeps the pucker factor completely at bay.

Cream Soda Kombucha
4 cups unflavored kombucha (find recipe here, use for this recipe before you bottle and refrigerate as the instructions read)
2 tablespoons black-strap molasses
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
your time

In a large bottle with a stop-top (to help create fizz), pour in unflavored kombucha. Carefully pour in the molasses and vanilla extract, tightly fix the lid on and gently swirl until all ingredients are combined. Let sit on your counter for three days, then drink or transfer to the fridge. Will keep for months! But, don’t do that to yourself. Drink it all now!


  1. Elena was just talking about wanting to start a kombucha train! I wasn’t totally on board, then I came here and you convinced me. Well done.

  2. Mmmm..I need to try this! I’ve done cream soda with water kefir, but it doesn’t turn out quite how I like it every time.

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  5. We dont have black-strap mollases here in indonesia, is there any substitute for this ingredient?

  6. Where did you buy your stop-top bottles? Any recommendations?

    • Hi Erika! I like to buy mine from Ikea, I think they’re around 3 or 4 dollars per bottle. Most Targets also should carry stop top bottles these days! Hope that’s helpful!

  7. I got my flip top bottles at TJMaxx, Marshalls, & HomeGoods. Here in TN the bottles are $2 each (16 and 32 oz). They are by the same manufacturer that Crate & Barrel sells.

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