Cream Soda

Cream Soda


Well, kombucha flavored as cream soda. Maybe old roommates wouldn’t have named the forever fermenting jars in the cupboards “kombucha monsters” if I had developed this delight back then! While part of kombucha’s charm is its vinegar twang, this rendition almost keeps the pucker factor completely at bay.

Cream Soda Kombucha
4 cups unflavored kombucha (find recipe here, use for this recipe before you bottle and refrigerate as the instructions read)
2 tablespoons black-strap molasses
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
your time

In a large bottle with a stop-top (to help create fizz), pour in unflavored kombucha. Carefully pour in the molasses and vanilla extract, tightly fix the lid on and gently swirl until all ingredients are combined. Let sit on your counter for three days, then drink or transfer to the fridge. Will keep for months! But, don’t do that to yourself. Drink it all now!

25 thoughts on “Cream Soda

  1. Elena was just talking about wanting to start a kombucha train! I wasn’t totally on board, then I came here and you convinced me. Well done.

    1. Hi Erika! I like to buy mine from Ikea, I think they’re around 3 or 4 dollars per bottle. Most Targets also should carry stop top bottles these days! Hope that’s helpful!

      1. You can also find them at party stores that supply ingredients and bottles for brewing beer. Trader Joe’s sells a ginger brew that my husband and I love. I recycle the bottles since they have the flip stopper tops…only downside is the bottles are green. I personally prefer clear so I can see all the yummy additives (flavoring) and prebiotic activity!

  2. I got my flip top bottles at TJMaxx, Marshalls, & HomeGoods. Here in TN the bottles are $2 each (16 and 32 oz). They are by the same manufacturer that Crate & Barrel sells.

  3. when you add the flavoring and sugar and let it set for 3 days do you leave your SCOBY in the jar? I am about ready on my kombucha but need to know before I flavor. BTW, I ordered my bottles on Amazon I think so got 6 for around $12 with free Prime shipping.

    1. Nice deal on the bottles! You want to leave the SCOBY in your fermenting jar, not in the bottle that you’re putting flavors into. Keep the SCOBY in the fermentation jar for the next batch!

  4. So my new batch of kombucha so far has turned out better, I didn’t make such a strong sweet tea. I just bottled and flavored it yesterday and put it by a register for the second fermentation. I strained the booch before bottling. I checked on them this morning it it almost looked as if were growing a tiny baby SCOBY at the top of the bottle. Is this possible? It makes me want to strain it again but that would be a huge PITA. Thoughts?

    1. Hi Amy, my apologies for the delayed response! Yes, it is very common for a new little scoby to form in bottled kombucha–even though we take out the mother scoby after we’ve fermented batches to our liking, all that good bacteria and yeast is still in the liquid itself, so it can easily form a new scoby! I’d say that’s a sign of a healthy brew 🙂 Typically if that happens to me, I’ll pour the bottled liquid out slowly when I’m ready to drink it (into a cup), and usually the scoby stays in the bottle that way, and not in my cup. But don’t worry about it! Hopefully this is helpful!

  5. I made my own version using red tea and leaving out the molasses and I thought it was great! I only let my Kombucha ferment 6 days to stay a little sweeter.

    1. That’s great! Love the idea of letting it ferment a little bit less so it stays sweet. So fun being able to ferment at home and make a batch perfect for you and your preferences! <3

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